Saturday, November 4, 2017

Strangers Love Chat


Grace is 23 and hales from Virginia USA. She told me she likes chatting with strangers like me because it opens her mind things outside her town. Most days she tries to chat with at least one stranger before she goes to bed at night. Grace said 'Pokiecam is the best stranger chat site on the internet'.


Grace like dancing, she has taken dance lessons since she was a small child. She wishes one day she might dance professionally or teach dancing but told me she there is are limited opportunities in her town. Besides dancing, Grace likes to take long walks with her dog by the lake. She says that the lake is one of her favorite places in the world. 'The lake is where I feel most relaxed', she said to me happily. Let's all hope Grace can spend as much time near the lake as possible.


She has one younger brother and a Mom. She is close with her family and lives in the same town as them. She said she doesn't look like her mother but her and her brother do look a like so she thinks they are probably all related.  I found that cute to be cute :)

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